Turning Point in US Military History and Real Estate Today

History and Changes in Real Estate

Weapons that changed History

There are turning points in every business cycle and economy.
This was a turning point in military history for the US.

Pam and I were at the fort this year holding one of the rifled shells used to break through the walls and change the course of Georgia and US history.
In the days before the Civil War, brick forts were America’s main defense against overseas enemies. In one two-day battle during the early stages of the Civil War, new technology proved its superiority to brick forts. The Union army used “a new and improved technology”, rifled cannons to bust through the walls of Fort Pulaski at Tybee Island, Georgia and bring about surrender by Confederates inside the fort. After this battle the US never built a built a brick fort again to defend the country or a state.
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