Things You Can Do Before Year End in the REAL ESTATE Business

Sat, Dec 10, 2011

Real Estate Investing

Be smart and improve your bottom line the easy way while reducing your stress level!

1. Clean up your paperwork and books.  Make sure you’ve got deeds, leases, and closing documents in order.  Make sure everything is entered before year end and you send it to your tax person for first review before the busy tax season starts.

2. Clean Up Your Office.  The rule is “If it has not been needed in the last six months and will not be needed for taxes, trash it”. Shred every piece of paper you don’t need for documentation.

3. Backup Your Computer. Things always blow up at year end and holidays.

4.  If you lent your company any money, document it with promissory notes so you get the proper tax benefit.  Pay any subscriptions forward and deduct the expenses when paid.

5. Make Offers on Properties.  Prices are at historic lows. People and Companies are trying to finish the year strong, so make offers and set the closing date before year end to get maximum attention and the lowest possible price.

6.  Send out  those holiday Cards, Christmas baskets or other marketing pieces and get the tax deduction before year end.

7. Make Your Christmas List Tax Deductible.  Instead of your spouse buying you what you need, have your BUSINESS buy you that laptop you need for the office.

8.  Write your 2012 Goals now while you can think.  Do not wait until Jan. to rush writing goals.

9 Put your Corporate Records in Order.  You need an annual meeting of shareholders and directors documented with minutes in your corporate record book. Depending on the company this tax deduction may be in Hawaii or some warm place.

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