The Pain of Selling a House Today

Tue, May 22, 2012

Real Estate Investing

How will I ever sell my house or should I say anchor around my neck?  The mortgage is too high and the house is worth less than I paid for it 10 years ago. It needs new carpet and I am out of funds.

I could buy a bigger house for less money and have a lower mortgage if I could get rid of this one.  The bank will not refinance my loan. I don’t want to ruin my credit and lose the house.  Several houses in the neighborhood have been foreclosed over the past four years so the appraisals are always low.  What can I do to sell this house?

I cannot afford to pay a realtor 6 to 7 percent.  I cannot afford to sell it low and pay money for someone to take it off my hands. I cannot short sale the house.  My wife has been laid off and now we barely live on one pay check.  What can I do to sell this house now?

As a professional Real Estate Problem Solver I hear stories like this more often than not.  There is hope. We are showing people how to sell their house even when it is worth less than they owe. We show people and help families move from an upside down mortgage situation to having a great mortgage and a house with equity.

I sold a house recently that was worth one third as much as it was worth just 5 years ago to a 21   year old that was happy. The buyer came to me.  The young buyer now will have the house paid for completely in less than 5 years. Both parties win. One got rid of the house problem while the buyer bought a house at a fair price or deal and has a 3 year mortgage not a 30 year mortgage. I had people lined up to buy the house if the first buyer did not take the deal.

Want a better deal to sell your house for a higher price?  Let me sell the house or move it or the home on a Lease Purchase or Owner financed short term deal. The buyers who are usually well qualified with a decent credit score come to me every week asking for homes for their families.  These people have good incomes, stable jobs, and are ready now to own a home.  I have over 1400 buyers on a list now waiting for good houses.  This is a win win situation for both buyer and seller.  You the seller, get to move now and move to your next house.  The buyer buys the house or has short term financing in preparation to buy the house you no longer want to own.

Want a headache?  Pay the mortgage for another year and cut the grass, pay the utilities, the association fees, the taxes, etc.  Why not let someone else promise to pay the bills, the fees, the utilities, take care of the lawn, and buy the house with cash or financing.

Did I mention the cost to you is zero dollars?  No commission, no realtor, no out of pocket fix it fees, no tenants to deal with, no calls to fix anything as the buyers have  the responsibility to do the work and pay the costs.

I am finding the average time to sell a house in this area is 7 to 11 months if the house is priced right.  If the selling price is too high, it is going to take much longer to sell the house. Who in their right mind would buy an overpriced home?

You can market to lease purchase buyers.  One can sell the house where it will be priced in two years when the lease completes.  Selling the house this way is like selling a car on a lease.  Some people are only concerned today if they can make the payment.

One could owner finance their old house and make a couple of hundred dollars a month. One would make the money on the difference between the old mortgage and interest payment and the new house payment.  There are a dozen variations from this process to save you money, get your mortgage paid, and even make you a few bucks every month.

I could talk for hours on this subject as I see this issue all the time. Call us or go to our website and see how we can help you. It is free and will never cost you a cent.  How is that for a no commission house sale?

Want a bigger headache?  Try to do an owner finance or lease purchase or cash sale yourself or have the house flipping friend try to help you. Do this wrong it will cause you to lose sleep and money.  I have seen several versions gone wrong and sellers have to pay or worse. Our system has no problems that go unanswered.  We have been doing this for almost a decade in good times and bad.

Want a better night’s sleep tonight?  Call or go to our website and get your no cost no obligation home evaluation.

Mark N.

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