What Do I Need for an Owner Financed Home?

Sun, Mar 14, 2010

Real Estate Investing

What I need to purchase a Home Today

with the New AOHS 2010 Home Purchase Program

Up Front Money               $5000 (est. for this example)

First months Payment    $1000 (est. for this example)

Utility Company Deposits

Electric                                  $150 – $200 (est. for this Example)

Gas                                        $150 – $200 (est. for this Example)

Water                                    $200 (estimate for this Example)

Other Costs? $0      (estimate for ths Example)

You need to have approximately     $6,600 cash now to buy this home Today.

What you get:

A home you will have a mortgage on that you do not need to re-finance for two years or more and the tax benefits which are huge if you have been a renter all your life.

Call today Mark at 678-561-2589     or      View the homes for sale at www.gadiscountproperties.com

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