The A O H S Jump Start Class

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

Real Estate Investing

If you are serious about Investing in Today’s Market and want to make REAL MONEY

right now

and not spend countless Years and money learning this business,

You need to come to

The A O H S Jump Start Class

from 9:30am to 5:00pm On July 17th In The Square in McDonough

17 Hampton Street McDonough, GA 30253

We will show you how you can make a living in the Business of Investing in Real Estate. No fluff nothing to waste your money on or your time. GET the Fundamentals needed for today’s 2010 Real Estate Market.

This isn’t free but when applied you will make at a minimum of five times the cost back on your first deal.

I, Mark Neighbor ( Full time Real Estate Problem Solver and Investor) and my biggest competition Marc Fordham ( Full time Investor and Coach) are both in the Metro Atlanta market. We will split the teaching to allow you to have the whole truth about what is happening right now in this dynamic money making market.

You will learn from real examples of actual Deals

How to Do and complete the all of the Following:

*Wholesale a Deal* MF

*How to Owner Finance a Home* MN

*How to assign an Owner Financed Deal* MN

*How to do a Lease Option* MF

*How to do a Lease Purchase* MF

*Land Contracts* MF

*Contract for Deed* MF

*Where to Post your Deals* MN

*How to get a Website for less* MN

*Evaluate Real Deals currently posted for sale* MN

*And you will have Lots and Lots of free Resources* MN MF

Mark and Marc will teach you how to flip properties to wholesale buyers, investors, landlords, tenant buyers and home owners. They will even give you $1000 for each one you sell.


No one anywhere is teaching this Strategy

Because most have never even seen how to market, sell, and make a profit this way. Over 50 % of the investors are gone and many more are going out of business because they do not know how to do business this way in our current economy.

This is in my opinion the way to Be in Business, Stay in Business, and make More Money in good times and Bad.. I have created systems for my own business and for the businesses of my students that have and are making many people thousands.

This SYSTEM is in my opinion the best way to get you making money quickly (a few thousand, right now). What would an extra $5000 to $10000 each month do for your bank account?

This is NOT a get-rich-quick” business.

In our combined 20 years as a Real Estate Investors, We have never seen such OPPORTUNITY. This is a real estate market that will make the smart investors more money. This market is so favorable to making money the way we teach it and so easy to learn and follow.

Price just $97 tonight or $147 at the door

You do not have to spend a fortune in this business or make all the mistakes and spend years in training getting ready to make a dollar. You can make money in Real Estate Today.

We both look forward to working with you!


Mark Neighbor Marc Fordham


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