The 1000 YARD SHOT

What does it take to shoot a rifle 1000 yards and hit the target the first time and every time? Sounds difficult and it is. Most hunters cannot shoot a rifle 100 yard consistently.  Most hand gun sport shooters can not hit a target at 25 yards consistently.  Skeet and trap champions shoot a distance of less than 50 yards.

What do you need to know to take and make the long shot?  You must be able to understand the variables; wind, light, humidity, temperature, velocity, trajectory, bullet weight and composition, shell size and weight, and about 100 other things including having the right teacher, the right spotter, years of practice and the right gun.

My son and I were fortunate enough to have a retired ranger sniper and his son (who is currently a 1000 yard shooting champion) set us up and show us how to shoot the distance.  As an avid hunter, I would have never believed  I could shoot a target at a 1000 yards ( over ½ mile)  unless I actually did it.   The picture below shows one of five shots at 1000 yards in the black.  The view is from the spotting scope. This was my shot.

The 1000 yard shot

The 1000 yard shot


The next picture is me making the 1000 yard shot in the prone position facing the target with a savage 308 and a custom made bullet. Factory ammo is not accurate enough at this distance.

Taking the Shot
Taking the Long Shot

I will be the first to say without Ben and his Father’s help I would not have been able to hit the target let alone hit the x on the next shot.

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