Simple and Cheap ways to Keep You and Your Home Safe and Secure during the Year

Wed, Dec 26, 2012

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1. Lock your doors even when you are at home.
2. Lock all windows, garages and storage sheds when not in use.
3. Put motion detector lights outside your home.
4. Use timers to turn on lights, TV or radio in the house when you are gone.
5. Stop your mail and newspaper if going away for more than a day.
6. Always pickup your newspaper the same day.
7. Do not leave your trash can at the curb once the trash is picked up.
8. Do not leave a spare key anywhere at the front of the home.
9. Lock your power box with an electric authority lock that you and the power company have a key for so your security system can’t be turned off.
10. Have a neighbor watch your house when you are away.
11. Put a big dog food dish on the front porch or a big dog chain around a post in the front yard or a beware of dog sign on the fence.
12. Always lock your car(s) if it is parked outside.
13. Very the times you come and go from the house.
14. Double back to the house once in a while just in case you forgot something.
15. Always check the stove to make sure the heat is off before you leave the house.
16. If you use candles always keep at least a foot away from anything that can burn.
17. Electric lights get hot so turn them off when not in use.
18. Christmas lights and such need to be off inside when you are not at home or going to bed.
19. Have a security system or a sign for a security system posted.
20. Security cameras even the fake ones help deter uninvited guest.
21. Dog is man’s best friend and the biggest deterrent to uninvited guest.
22. If you go away for more than a week have someone stop in to check your house or house sit.
23. Many people have ideas about guns… Don’t be the one person who doesn’t have one.
24. Pepper spray or mace or wasp spray in your car or home or purse is a good cheap first defense.
25. Not much good happens after midnight unless you are at work.. so not much reason to be up and out.
26. Do you know the number to Local police, fire, ambulance and doctors office?
27. Have a Peep hole to look out before you open your front door to anyone?
28. Do not tell everyone you are going of town, just tell them about it when you get back.
29. What is your written plan if your lights go out, or there is a fire? Have you practiced?
30. The news is full of all the bad stuff. What is your plan if the crap comes to your neighborhood?
31. Always look around your car before you unlock it and get in to it.
32. If you must walk outside at night do it in lighted areas where other people are in view.
33. Take a friend when to go out at night.
34. Replace the battery in your smoke and radon detectors yearly.
35. Look at you fire extinguisher to make sure it is full yearly.
36. Does your flashlight work?
37. How often to you check on your parents or they check on you? Daily. Weekly.
38. Do not leave your mail in the mailbox it is an opportunity for trouble.
39. Lowes or Home depot sells a small water detector to put by your water heater or fridge.
40. Angry people do not want their pictures taken and situations filmed or taped tell a story. Take more pictures and talk less, sometimes this deters negative actions.

No one need to worry just be prepared.
Hope this helps.

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