Real Estate Investor Tip 1 How To Save Your Air Conditioners From Thieves

Thu, Feb 2, 2012

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investor Tip 1 Save Your Air ConditionersFor Less than $20, in less than one hour, with no tools, you can save yourself the stress and headaches, and make sure the air conditioners at your rental and vacant houses do not wander off this summer.  Practical Real Estate Training  tips from Mark.


RE Investors, Property  Managers, Home Owners, Realtors and Brokers struggle with the problem of stolen air conditioners every year at vacant houses.  Investors are continually looking for better and cheaper ways to eliminate theft.  We have found a cheap, easy and fast solution for the do it yourself investor to limit or prevent entirely the opportunity for someone to steal, or walk off with your air conditioner at a vacant house or any home.




Real Estate Investor Tip 1 How to Save Your Air Conditioner from Thieves

Link to the Short Video REI Tip

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