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7-Simple Tips To Save $100’s Per Month Without Interrupting Your Lifestyle Part 1
Is the Worst Case REALLY That Bad?
Quote of the Month
Wacky Website of the Month
Home Improvement Tip of the Month

Testimonial Of The Month!
It has been a pleasure to work with A O Homes. Their prompt and friendly service and easy qualifying process was done with efficiency and professionalism! Thanks A O H S for being part of our home Ownership team!       Paulette Bethel
Let me start off by saying thank you to Mark! I was beyond hesitant, being a first time home buyer while deployed! Mark was always available and had the answer to every question. The process was easy and very stress free. I will and have recommended AOH to all home buyers that I have come in contact with. One key point that I want to share with everyone is that, I know Mark deals with numerouse people on a daily basis but he always made me feel as if he always had my undivided attention.       Ms. Wright
Special Message Of The Month!
This is the best time in years to buy a home. We can help. We have new homes coming weekly and you can find them at and If you need to sell a home no one does it better than Do not let 2011 be anything but your best year yet. Take action today and call Mark 770-480-0209

7-Simple Tips To Save $100’s Per Month Without Interrupting Your Lifestyle Part 1
There are tons of ways to save some cash and give your family finances a real booster shot.But a lot of them require sacrifice, which most folks don’t like.
So here are seven simple tips to healthier finances. Best of all, they really don’t require you to change how you live or enjoy life any less.

TIP #1: Give Up Your Name Brand Allegiance At The Supermarket

Now before you get upset – this isn’t saying only buy generic no-name brands. Not at all.

Maybe you were raised in a home where mom only used Bounty Paper Towels. It was like an unwritten law. And hey, Bounty makes great towels.

But realistically is there really a unlivable difference between Bounty and the other major brands?

Every week at the supermarket for every product some major brand will always be on sale. Maybe this week it’s Brawny. Hey – not what mom used, but also a great towel.

You can easily save 25% to 40% per week on your groceries just by being a little more flexible with your brand names.

TIP #2: Inspect Your Monthly Bills

Whether it’s the electric bill, cable or credit card – companies make mistakes all the time. Sometimes it’s $10 or $20 – others it’s in the $100’s!

Don’t be fooled. Just because they send you a fancy looking official statement don’t assume what your bill says is actually accurate.

Start checking over your bills.

You might discover you’ve been charged for some movies you never requested or billed for a credit card service you don’t even have!

Plus, if you ask firmly but politely, most companies will even offer you an extra credit or free service for your troubles!

TIP #3: Try Shopping eBay

eBay isn’t just for buying old Star Wars action figures any more!

Almost anything and everything you can think of from shoes and purses to vitamins and PS3 video games, you can get on eBay. And at a BIG DISCOUNT.

Did you know eBay doesn’t just sell used items? You can buy brand new stuff still in the manufacturer’s package.

If you’ve never shopped on eBay before, all the sellers are rated and monitored, so you can be sure you’re working with someone reliable before you make a purchase.

The only real drawback is you have to pay shipping costs.

But any time you’re dealing with an item that isn’t expensive to shop, odds are you’ll save 25-75% on eBay!

So if you’re thinking about purchasing an iPod and new cell phone – give eBay a try to save some serious cash.

(Stay Tuned next month for 7-Simple Tips To Save $100’s Per Month Without Interrupting Your Lifestyle – Part 2)

Quote of the Month
“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” ?~Henry David Thoreau: American author, poet, and naturalist
Wacky Website of the Month
Gas Buddy
With the way gas prices keep jumping up and down – every nickel counts! ?This terrific little site let’s you find the cheapest gas in your area just by entering your zip code!! ?I have no idea how they do it – but it’s really neat!

Is the Worst Case REALLY That Bad?

It goes without saying we live in an extremely stressful and stressed out culture. There are a million and one reasons to be stressed out every day – from your nagging boss and family demands to the evening news and rising gas prices.

But I bet you can’t guess the NUMBER ONE biggest stressor of them all?

That’s right, there’s one thing more stressful than losing your job or the rising risk of heart attacks…

It’s the unknown.

Think about out – why else are children, and some adults, afraid of the dark? There’s nothing bad or dangerous about the dark. But not being able to see what’s going on or where a certain noise came from, it freaks us out! That’s the unknown!

Nothing stresses us out more than no clue what’s going to happen. Even really bad news, once we know the exact details, isn’t as bad as not knowing.

Since you can’t change human nature and our innate fear of the unknown, you got to find a way to overcome it.

So what’s the secret to permanently getting rid of that number one stressor in your life?

This might sound a little unusual, but rather than getting terrorized by the “unknown” – turn on the lights!

That’s right – shine the brightest light on your situation and ask yourself, “What’s really the worst thing that can happen to me?”

9 out of 10 times, you’ll quickly find that your worst-case scenario isn’t really as horrible as you imagined. In fact, you’ll probably even realize the consequences of your worst case scenario are reversible and will only last a short while.

All the worrying and sleepless nights aren’t necessary at all.

So why bother asking such a bold question – “What’s the worst that can happen?”

First off, you’ll live longer. Nothing kills more Americans than good ol’fashion stress.

Secondly, living in fear and making decisions when you’re scared almost never leads to good outcomes. So often folks who are facing difficulty with their house – whether they can’t find a buyer or they’re behind on payments – they find the clear and simple solution, but they just CAN’T do it!

I could offer a picture perfect solution and they’ll still stare hesitantly, unable to take action. There is NO logical reason. There is NO specific objection. They know they need to do it. They even say they want to do it! But they just can’t. It’s fear. Fear is prevent them; it’s makes so homeowners just like you trapped AND failing to take any action at all really does make the worst-case scenario come to reality!

That’s why we decided to make it as simple as possible to help homeowners like you by providing a simple Creative Homeowner Solution Request. With the click of a button you can discover how fast and simply we can make your problems go away. If you haven’t done so already, check out the link below to get yours.

So whatever the number one stressor is in your life – whether it’s that finicky boss, a problem child, trouble with the in-laws, or even house problems – don’t let fear of the unknown terrorize you any longer. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst case scenario really look like?” I think you’ll discover it’s really not so bad and you’ll be able to instead focus on a solution.
Home Improvement Tip of the Month
Bigger Looking Rooms without breaking down the walls
Nothing boosts value like nice big open rooms in a home.
But what do you do when even after you remove the clutter your rooms still look small and cramped?
While knocking down walls is always an option – it’s expensive and not really a do-it-yourself kind of job.
Instead, a fantastic way to make your rooms appear bigger is to use a common colored wall paint and/or flooring.
You see, when you have a different flooring or wall color in two spaces, it serves to visually break them up.?
Great idea when you have huge spacious rooms.
But when you have a small cramped bathroom or undersized bedroom, breaking up the space makes a tiny space seem even tinier!
The quick fix is to use the same paint color on all the walls. This creates the illusion that your home is all one big space. You may not believe it, but even painting a small bathroom the same color as the hallway (light, bright colors, of course) adds visual square footage to that little old bathroom!
The same goes for flooring. If you can, use the same flooring, especially wood or tile, throughout multiple rooms and hallways to make everything seem a whole lot bigger.
And while it might not change your square footage on paper, people buy and value houses by the way they “feel”. And this is a fast and simple way for your home to feel bigger without taking out the sledgehammer.

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