Get a human on the phone now

Here is a  neat free resource for you.

It’s called

I hate waiting for hours and getting only machines.  This way one gets a human on the phone when one calls. This gives you the numbers where there are people and instructions on how to get the human to talk to you.

We all have a ton of STUFF we use in our business and personal life: cell phone, laptop, internet service, car company, bank, airline, mortgage provider, credit card company, etc. and we need to talk to someone about some little detail for a couple of minutes.  No one likes waiting on the phone and ending up with a machine. ATT did this to me just today. After waiting for ever I got a machine that sounded like a person in india. So here is a better way and it cuts the flustration. Hope this helps you.

Our time is valuable and the last thing I want to do is spend the better part of the day running in circles through one of those automated phone systems.



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