Georgia Real Estate Investor Safety Tip – Keep Children safe in the Kitchen

Here is one easy step to prevent your curious and active children from getting severely hurt in the kitchen. I will spare you the details but it takes less than 10 seconds, very little effort and only a few pounds of weight on the end to crawl up on the open cold stove and watch mommy or climb to the counter. The problem is most stoves can flip over and slam shut cutting the small child or worse inside or under the turned stove.  A  $12 bracket securing the stove to the wall can prevent injuries that last forever. Less than five minutes of time and $12 dollars may save a life.  Many stoves are just set in houses and are not secured. Is your stove secured to the wall ?  How about your rental homes or new construction homes?  This is just one more safety tip from and


Georgia Real Estate Investor Safety tips




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