Buyer Pays off the House

Sun, Jun 10, 2012


Lease Purchase Buyer Pays off the House

Lease Purchase Buyer Pays off the House

This gentleman is smiling because he bought a house with A O Home Solutions on a Lease Purchase deal just a few years ago and now he has paid off the house.  He and his wife paid off the house and now own it free and clear. Look at that smile. You only get that smile when you have the security from owning your own home. No banks needed and no monthly mortgage payments ever again.

Do you want to own your own home today?  Imagine no rent payment and no monthly mortgage payments ever.  Some people take thirty years to pay off their house and some take just three years. The important thing is to buy a home now any way you can. Start today and work toward owning your own home.  There are many ways to buy a house now in Georgia or any metro area.

If you want a Lease Purchase, Owner Finance, Rent to Own Home, Discounted Sale, Bank Owned, Cash Sale, Fixer Upper, or other good deal on a home or house, call one of the Home Solutions companies in the metro area.  We have many homes for sale and a house for almost every individual and every family who needs or wants a new home now.

Everyone deserves to on their own home today. Prices have never been better. I doubt home prices will ever be this low again in our lifetime. You can own a home now for less than anytime in the past decade. If you want to own your own home and you have great credit or bruised credit, has or can find the right house for you and your family.

The reasons why people need to own a home today are as numerous as ever before.  The tax benefits alone make buying a home a great investment. Homes appreciate over time making them a great investment. Buy a home and the monthly payment does not go up yearly like rent often does. One can change the décor, the paint, and add other changes without having to talk to the landlord and get every detail approved or rejected beforehand.

When you own a home you have more control over your life. You do not have to move if the rent goes up. Your kids can go to the same schools. Any size or style home you desire you can have.  Life is just better when you own your own home.

Do not wait any longer. Rent to Own or buy a house today and know that you have bought the home for less than you can rent a home.  Change your life for the better now. Let us put a smile on your face today.



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