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Buying a house in Georgia is not as hard as it may seem. There are many ways to buy a home today in Georgia. One can use traditional methods and go through the grind of getting approved for a mortgage. Interest rates are great but the banks are very tough on whom they lend to and often require large down-payments unless you go FHA, VA or some special Rural program.

There are several other great ways to buy a home now in Georgia. One can find an investor and receive owner financing. With this method there is No Bank Qualifying. That is correct No Banks Needed. Many owners are willing to finance their home to the right person or family. We Have contracts ready now that will allow you to move in to a new home before the end of the month.

One can also Lease Purchase a home or as some call it Lease Option a home. This has tremendous advantages today.  Normally one only puts up a few dollars and after one, two, or three years, if the buyer can not purchase or they do not like the home in Georgia, they may walk without the hassle of a short sale, foreclosure, or getting a bank mortgage. If prices continue to drop one could just walk after the contract term.

There are other ways to buy a home Rent to Own, Land Contract, Contract for Deed, etc.
We have homes for sale by both traditional and non-traditional methods in the Metro Atlanta area and many Georgia Counties.  Check us out at and buy or own your own home today in Georgia.


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