Mission Trip the Tolupan People and Flower Mountain

Mission Trip the Tolupan People and Flower Mountain

Honduras man that gave me my bag 6-15 Truck making it in Honduras 2015 P1170460 P1170491 P1170430 P1170550 P1170457 P1170441 P1170401 P1170473 P1170518 P1170626P1170615P1170750Went on a mission trip and climbed Flower Mountain in Honduras and helped build a Church and worked, served, prayed with and for the Tolupan People. Thanks God! It was a trip of a lifetime with blessing that I never expected. We went to help and we were blessed. Everyone should go and serve somewhere. This is a life changing trip.

We are so blessed in the USA. Life is much harder for these people in Honduras. Some of the many pictures are below. Many people do not know when they will eat next.  They are are short and thin and hungry people.  Five dollars a day for a good paying farm job is what they have to look forward to when there is work available. No TV, no internet, no phone service, no electric, no inside plumbing, along with houses made of mud and clay is what you see when you wake up to start work at sunrise.  The children do not play much as there are no toys to play with. They do not cry they have been taught not to cry. The adults do all they can just to find enough food often times coming up short. These people need our help and support.

The Honduras cowboy ( not Tolupan) road up and handed me my bag that jumped out of a truck asking nothing in return. He is a lucky one, he has a horse, most do not. The trucks we ran through the rivers and streams with water coming almost to the windows was quite an ordeal as we went into the jungle and up the mountain to work with and for the Tolupan people. Most people do not care how much others know, but all people need to see how much you care. Eagles Landing First Baptist Church and several other groups lead by Frontline Missions showed them we care and we want to help.  If you want to help support this group of missionaries and missions bringing Christ to the poorest places on the planet just go to Frontline missions support .

We helped bring Christ to a group of indigenous “left-behind” people. This was my first trip. I saw a young lady accept Christ. I say people who were sick get medical and dental attention. We fed kids that needed food. I saw a 94 year old chief walk 3 hours down a mountain and back up after seeing what we were doing and thanking us for coming to help. We helped build clay/mud houses for two widows in a group of people that have no way to help themselves.

We helped put up a Church (which was Santos dream after a year of waiting for someone to come) on a mountain peak made from wood cut in the jungle nearby. We carried that wood to him (Santos) and another pastor (Luis) and dug the holes ( with Nelson and Alex and Maximos) , shovel graded the land and set the foundation posts as we erected the Church.  There is too much to say and post here now.  The changes now taking place inside me and the new friends I made will affect me forever.  If you want to be apart of this or another important life saving action just ask me how you can be a part of the next trip to help this group of people on Flower Mountain in the jungles of Honduras.

The picture of the young boy in an old broken down wheel chair is Samuel. He needs a new wheel chair. Can you help me help him get one? The thing Samuel likes most about life is watching progress. He watched us put up the Church as he swept the same spot on his porch from the wheel chair that doesn’t move anymore. Help if you can. God said Love all my Children.




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